BWB Friends

For BWB readers and all who love what we do…

BWB Friends has been established to support BWB’s vision for good publishing, in print and digital; for good scholarship and accessible writing; for books about New Zealand that enrich our lives and inform the future.

Working in print and digital, BWB is at the sharp edge of New Zealand scholarship, writing and publishing. For us at BWB and the BWB Publishing Trust, New Zealand matters – and knowledge counts. Join BWB Friends, and support all that we do.

$1000 Friend – Contribute $1000 (and receive BWB books and e-books over a 12-month period)

$500 Friend – Contribute $500 (and receive BWB books and e-books over a 6-month period

‘Make it happen’ contribution – Choose your BWB project and help us to ‘make it happen’ with a contribution of your choice (and receive BWB books and e-books for the duration of that project)

Special prices:

BWB Friends can purchase additional copies of any BWB books and e-books at 10% discount (off the recommended retail price), post and packing included for domestic orders. (Note that new books and ebooks released during the period of your membership are delivered free.)

BWB’s magnificent Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History by Atholl Anderson, Judith Binney and Aroha Harris will be published in 2014; BWB Friends will have special opportunities for attending events and purchasing additional copies of this important book.

To join BWB Friends:

$1000 and $500 Friends – please use the CONTRIBUTE button above and we will confirm your membership when your contribution comes through. Or if you would like to download this form and send with a cheque, we will confirm your membership as soon as we receive your form. Please remember to provide your name and address (for the delivery of BWB books and e-books).

‘Make It Happen’ contribution – either use the CONTRIBUTE button above, or contact John Schiff at  Please tell us which project you would like to support, and do remember to provide your contact details.

You might like to know that:

  • BWB Friends is an initiative of the BWB Publishing Trust; all correspondence and contributions will be formally acknowledged.
  • Printed books sent through BWB Friends are post-free. Additional print copies sent to Friends overseas, will incur a charge of 50% of the postage cost (via International Air). E-books and Texts are delivered to your e-reader wherever you are!
  • The BWB Publishing Trust is not a charitable trust.
  • Contributions are exempt from GST.
  • Authors will receive all royalties due on titles sent through
    BWB Friends.
  • At both the BWB Publishing Trust and BWB, we welcome comment, and will be glad to hear from BWB Friends about publishing.

For more information:

BWB Friends,; contact John Schiff or Bridget Williams,, or 04 4738128

The BWB Publishing Trust,; contact Charlotte Macdonald (Chair),

BWB books and e-books,